Reading each other's diaries

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Various institutions monitor activity on the internet, from standard online behaviour to shopping activities and intimate private data insights. The data outcomes are consequently shared, sold, bought, managed, analysed and applied. User profiles- as oddly artificial representation of the user- are being set up according to the online traces that extend far into one’s digital past.

Michel Foucault’s panopticon theory, based on the work of Jeremy Bentham, noted the behaviour of prison inmates who were conscious of their behaviour in observation, thus controlling and monitoring their own actions. The digital equivalent in a technological age can be argued when internet users modify their own online activity when aware of their digital traces. Thus, the user has entered an age where society’s ability to forget has become suspended through an ever-present and ever-recording digital memory. Individuals more often have to justify their actions that would otherwise be left in the past. Yet most remain passive at technology’s ‘asking’ of data, whereas they are actively reluctant and suspicious of sharing such information with other humans.

This product is exploring these tensions of the internet sphere. It is the product of one person who was willing to allow their Google search history to be seen and analysed. The history spans from 2010 to 2016, with more than 2000 searches in regular 3 month intervals.

As a process, I conducted workshops with students and their search queries, designed a live performance, a banner, and a book.

Website for MACD Degree Show 2016

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This is a collaborative project done with Jake Dow−Smith as well as Aude Rouaux. We designed the website for our degree Show, which took place in June 2016.

The concept, was developed by a group of students of our MA, in which I was engaged as well, referring to the annual UAL, CSM policy of emptying out the lockers every year. Each person is represented by one object found in his or her locker at the end of our study period.

The heartrate project
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Your heart rate is measured by a heart pulse sensor. The arms (two motors) will respond accordingly.

The lower your heart rate is the smaller is the degree of movement done by the arms and the higher is the delay between each single step the pen is drawing. The higher your heart rate gets the smaller is the delay between the steps of the pen.

In summary, the lower your heart rate the smaller and calmer the drawing is getting, the faster your heart rate the bigger and more hectic the drawing is being done.


Streichquartett No.1
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A project about the composition of moving image and sound. I created a piece called Streichquartett. It is the German word for string quartet and the verb 'streichen', has also the double meaning of 'painting'.

The result is created by a quartet, in this case, 4 painters. I directed a short video and composed the sound. Music and visuals are depending on each other. Created during my time at Icem in 2014.

Originally from Hamburg, and currently based in Berlin.
The work spans somewhere between design and music.

Felix is a 2016 graduate of the MA Communication Design from Central Saint Martins. Previous studies were Product Design in Milan as well as a glimpse of Electronic Composition at Folkwang, Universität der Künste.

Feel free to say hi and to drop a line or otherwise if you feel like have a listen to my music.

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