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Heinrich-von-Stephan community school
& student workshops

In March 2021, I got to work on an educational project with the Heinrich-von-Stephan community school in Berlin Moabit. The school has a café and a wood workshop which is run by a group of students. This combination was previously called Goldstück which means “piece of gold”. The idea here was to develop a logo and to involve the students within the whole process in finding the right design for their practice.

In order to create the new visual identity with the students of Goldstück, I held two workshops, one about Graphic Design in general and one about the process of such a design project. Subsequently a research and concept stage was collectively build. From that base I went on to design a new logo consisting of a logotype and logomark. The concept is to represent both subjects, the café and the handcrafted part of the wood workshop, in a playful, humorous way.